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  • Piston

    Using high quality of material, Superier design, metallurgy
    and manufacturing render long life and trouble free service.

  • Rod Pin, Stop pin

    They are functional to prevent chisel, front cover and bush
    of the breakers from falling down and they are
    made through the strict manufacturing process management.

Front Head, Back Head, Cylinder

They are one of the most important parts of the hydraulic breaker and the durability, performance and efficiency can be guaranteed to the best, via the strict manufacturing process of cutting, processing, heat treatment and grinding by the up-to date facilities.

Bush, Accumulator

These parts play the important role to absorb or buffer the impact energy during the crushing work.
Based on sufficient abrasion resistance.

  • Through Bolt, Side bolt

    They can play important role to fix front head, back head
    and cylinder which is consisting of main body and bracket.

  • Damper, Diaphragm, Seal

    Built in accumulator and made of special rubber.
    Cushion's function is buffering the shock and its vibration
    in breaking operation.